New: Judges, Zombies and a Klegg

Loads more releases for the Judge Dredd Miniatures game this week – new recruits for the Justice Department plus a few less lawful additions:JD134-Cadet-Judge-Lawmaster-a

The first new model is this young cadet sat astride a Lawmaster bike. This trainee Judge would be accompanied by a more senior Justice Department collague as he or she learnt their trade. Hot Dog runs anyone?

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Fulfilling a vital if rather unpopular role in the Justice Department of the Mega Cities are the Judges of the Accounts Division. Here at Warlord we know this model as Acc-Div Judge Bostock after our own numeral-wielding combat accountant….

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The Judges that judge the Judges – the Special Judicial Service are the Justice Department’s own internal affairs monitors and are rightly feared as such. Wearing a non-regulation beard this SJS Judge will lend extra steel to your force.

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Armed with Mk II Lawgiver, this female Street Judge has seen plenty of action and woe-betide anyone even thinking about breaking the law in her vacinity

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Check out our full range for the Mega City Justice Department including Judge Dredd himself.

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Next we have the Zombie Horde conversion pack, designed to convert other models into mindless walking dead. Street Punks work particularly well for this! Cut the head of a model and replace with suitably cadaverous noggin from this pack, add a knee pad or two and you have yourself a new addition to your walking dead horde.


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And finally, another fearsome Klegg hits the streets. This monstrous alien mercenary will add more muscle to Chief Judge Cal’s Retinue.

Slicey, dicey – oncey, twicey…

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Dont forget we have the complete Mad Judge Cal’s retinue available as a boxed set or as single figures so your new Klegg won’t get lonely…

JD014 Judge Cals Retinue-a

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And in case you were wondering, here is the full contents of Chief Judge Cal’s Personal Retinue – the remaining Judges are only available in the boxed set:


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If all of this has piqued your interest but you’ve yet to get stuck into the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game, this starter set is the perfect, er, starting point!

Complete with full-colour hardback rulebook, two forces (Mega City Justice Department and Mega City Street Gang) this box gives you everything you need to fight street battles in the world of 2000AD comic’s greatest hero. This set also includes two exclusive special miniatures – a female street ganger wielding twin pistols and a Street Judge with Lawrod!

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