New: Isorian Phase Sniper & Probe Shards

Senatex Commanders rejoice! – Reinforcements are inbound, and boy have we got a treat for you!

This week sees the release of three much-anticipated packs for the Isorian Senatex in Beyond the Gates of Antares – in the form of the deadly Phase Sniper, the Targeter Probe Shard and Scout Probe Shard. Without further ado – here they are!

Isorian Phase Sniper

Phase Snipers of the Isorian Senatex are equipped with Phase rifles – complex weapons which utilise some of the same technology as phase armour, also unique to the Senatex. To date the Concord has been unable to replicate phase technology accurately. In part this is due to the risks in accessing Isorian nanospore.


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The phase rifle is an unusual and relatively large weapon. It has a great range and the ability to fold into time effectively enabling its operator to shoot multiple times at the same moment. It is useful for picking off commanders and other individuals amongst units, and for shooting at targets in cover.

Phase Rifle

Above – Phase Rifle Schematic

The Phase Sniper is a potent and deadly addition to the ranks of the Isorian Senatex – a must-have unit for all Isorian forces. There have been rumours of sightings around Warlord HQ, and the members of the Trade Department have been slowly but surely disappearing – their numbers dwindling at an alarming rate…


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Isorian Scout Probe Shard

Spotter Drones operate in two fashions – they can often be seen working alongside Isorian Troops as part of their unit – acting as another pair of eyes to spot targets.

They have however also been sighted working as independent Drone Shards – these groups work in a reconnaissance role – scouting the battlefield, spotting targets and potential dangers, feeding information back to the combat hard and guiding the Senatex to its objectives more effectively.


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Isorian Targeter Probe Shard

Targeter Probes operate independently of troops – working as Probe Shards. These groups of drones scout the battlefield, identifying targets and relaying their positions back to their combat shard – acting as reconnaissance to guide the Senatex troopers toward the enemy.


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If you’re yet to start collecting your Isorian force, then what are you waiting for?!

Look no further than the Isorian Skirmish Force – a bundle we’ve created to give you all of the core units, and a well-rounded, competitive Beyond the Gates of Antares army!


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