New: Greek Civilians!

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Ideal for adding a little flavour to your battlefield or perhaps acting as part of your baggage train are these five Greek civilians in traditional garb. See the new models here.

Greek civilian dress was typically the same as that worn under the cuirass during war. The Chiton was a simple tunic which was tied at the shoulders. This was made from woollen cloth or linen and could be richly dyed or embroidered. Women wore a long style of this, which would reach to the ankles or even the floor.

Over this was worn the himation. In essence this was a long linen or woollen sheet that was wrapped around the body in various ways. Again, this would be brightly dyed and patterned.

Amongst the Greek youth and aristocracy the Thessalian style of dress seem to have become popular was part of the wider trend to wear clothing that suggested simple living.


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