New: German Heer sIG33 15cm howitzer (1934-45)

As promised, week have our late-war version of the monstrous 150mm sIG 33 howitzer all ready to bombard German foes. It was the largest weapon ever classified as an infantry gun by any nation, and could fire shells nearly three miles.


The late-war German sIG 33 (in German, “schweres Infanterie Geschütz” – heavy infantry gun) received solid rubber tires and air brakes for towing by truck.


The sIG 33 could fire conventional ammunition (HE, Smoke & Hollow Charge) as well as a special Stielgranate 42. This round had a range of around 1,100 yards. Unlike other Stielgranaten, this version was not intended for anti-tank use, but for the demolition of strong points, clearing barbed-wire obstacles and minefields by blast effect.

Find out more about the sIG33 in the Armies of Germany book and how effective it can be in games of Bolt Action.

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If you are planning on starting a late war German Army the 1000pt German Heer Bolt Action Starter Army is a great choice!

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If you’re looking for an earlier version of the SiG 33, you’ll probably find our early war version right up your street!


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