New: German Heer MG34 MMG (1939-42)

Providing devastating fire support to our new plastic Blitzkrieg Germans, this new medium machine gun team features the MG34 – Germany’s main machine gun during early and mid-war years. Capable of laying down a bewildering amount of firepower from it’s fixed tripod, the MG34 can easily pin or chew up enemy units.

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The team’s 3-man crew have separate Figure Heads, allowing you to be able to repose or swap to you own personal taste.

The MG34 would make a great addition to our new Blitzgrieg Germans box set. Here are painted shots of arguably our best plastics so far. These images demonstrate just a few of the many assembly options available for these classic German infantryman of World War II.

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Representing the classic image of the German infantryman during World War II, these miniatures are equipped with knee-high jackboots, unadorned ‘coalscuttle’ helmet and a martial discipline that took them to almost complete dominance of mainland Europe.

All the rules for this army can be found in the first supplement for Bolt Action, Armies of Germany. It covers the forces of the Third Reich be they in Italy, France, Russia, Africa or the last days of Berlin.

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This book provides Bolt Action players with all of the information they need to field the military forces of Germany. Detailed army lists allow players to construct German armies for any theatre and any year of the war, including the early campaigns in Poland and France, the dusty tank war in the North African desert, the bloody battles on the Eastern Front, and the final defence of Normandy, occupied France and Germany itself. With dozens of different unit types including Fallschirmjager, Waffen-SS, and the dreaded Tiger tank, players can assemble a huge variety of troops with which to battle their opponents.


  • Introduction
  • Army Lists
  • Theatres