The new 20mm Flak 38 pumps out enough high-velocity shots that’ll make your opponent run for cover!


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The 20mm Flak 38 anti-aircraft guns were employed by most arms of the German military during World War II following its acceptance into service in 1939. The primary German light anti-aircraft gun at the time, it was by far the most numerously produced German artillery piece throughout the war.

The Flak 38 could fire about 120 rounds per minute, including reloading time, making it deadly threat to any target. This gun can be placed nearly anywhere and whilst it is an anti-aircraft weapon, don’t think for one second that your troops would be safe from this weapon.

The Flak 38 on the tabletop

Cost: 40pts (Inexperienced), 50pts (Regular), 60pts (Veteran)
Team: 3 men
Weapons: 1 Light Automatic cannon on a rotating platform
Special Rules: Team weapon
Gun shield


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Are you ready for Operation Sea Lion?

Sea Lion Cover 72dpi

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