New: Galen Demarco PI, Travis Perkins and Klegg Hounds

This week we have more mercenaries available for your Judge Dredd gangs – ace detectives Galen Demarco, PI and Travis Perkins, plus the fearsome Klegg Hounds – just the thing to reinforce Chief Judge Cal’s retinue!


After leaving the Justice Department, Galen DeMarco used her family’s wealth to establish a private investigation agency alongside her partner and bodyguard, Travis Perkins. Her approach to investigations has caused clashes with the Justice Department but she has proved an effective crime fighter, even as a civilian.

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Known as the Simian Sam Spade, Travis is partner and bodyguard to Galen DeMarco. Despite being a gorilla, Travis was once a judge working in the Wally Squad, during one of the Justice Department’s more lax recruiting periods.

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Wherever Kleggs group together, you can be sure their vicious Klegg Hounds will never be far away. Gifted with an incredible sense of taste that allows them to tracks targets for miles through the city, Klegg Hounds are adept at bringing down any prey. Few can hide from a hunting Klegg Hound.

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