New: French SAS sections!

Hot on the heels of the French SAS Jeeps released not all that long ago are these French SAS troopers on foot.

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There were two regiments of French  in the SAS Brigade that entered the fighting in Normandy during the invasion of France., joining two British Regiments and one Belgian. Plying their deadly trade behind enemy lines in France and then Belgium, Holland and Germany itself, the French SAS were men with a mission – liberation of their homeland and freedom for their compatriots who had suffered under the jackboot for so many years.

Grouped into 4-man sections, often taking t the road in heavily armed Jeeps, the men of 3rd and 4th SAS disrupted enemy lines of communication, travel and laid ambush to German forces wherever they could.

Now you can relive their heroic actions with these miniaturised and their armed and armoured Jeeps. The French SAS Section comprises of four random miniatures armed with Bren gun, Thompson SMGs, Sten guns and M1 Carbines.

Don’t forget that French SAS troopers wore their black berets up until August the 1st (and for a little while afterwards) . It was at this point King George VI granted them the special honour of wearing the red beret of the SAS in recognition of their bravery and endeavours during the opening weeks of the invasion and their sterling service with the SAS in Africa.