New: Fallschirmjäger with Looted Weapons

When you’re in the midst of the maelstrom of battle you will use whichever weapon comes to hand. These hard-bitten Fallschirmjäger are no exception and are portrayed with a variety of looted British, US and Soviet weaponry. We’ve written loads about these effective and elite German paratroopers so why don’t we just let the photos do the talking in this case:

Fallschirmjäger with Thompson SMG

Fallschirmjäger with M1 Carbine

Fallschirmjäger with PPSH SMG

As you can see, our good mate Big Gazza hasn’t let us down with the paint jobs once again. Also, we haven’t only chosen to include looted weapons from only one enemy army. Whatever Allied weaponry these troops found available on the battlefield was incorporated into these miniatures.

Fallschirmjäger with Tokarev SVT-40

Fallschirmjäger with Sten Gun

As is usual, we incorporated the fine detailing and unique action-packed poses that you are used to from our Bolt Action Miniatures line in our Fallschirmjäger with Looted Weapons. Just give these photos a look for yourself to see if we’ve hit the mark.

Fallschirmjäger Looter 1

Fallschirmjäger Looter 2

All of these excellent models are available right now as a blister pack or individually in the Warlord webstore. Spring!