New: English Civil War graphic novels!

Pike & Shotte author Steve Morgan recently visited writer and artist Bob Moulder. On his return, a beaming Mr Morgan told us he’d managed to get hold of a small number of Bob’s English Civil War graphic novels. These great books were duly confiscated and are now available for you to buy!

**NOTE: Western Wonders graphic novel is now sold out **

Western Wonders – graphic novel

History is brought vividly to life in this 48 page comic strip story of the Engiish Civil War, based on eye witness accounts. Western Wonders tells the dramatic story of the war in the West Country during the summer of 1643. A campaign in which two friends led the opposing armies and was decided by an epic cavalry charge on Roundway Down

In addition to the comic strip itself there is extra information on the war, the Western campaign, the characters involved and maps of the main battlefields – a perfect addition to any English Civil War wargamers collection!

**NOTE: Western Wonders graphic novel is now sold out **

The Battle of Salisbury – graphic novel

A true story of the English Civil War as told by Col. Edmund Ludlow, written and illustrated by Bob Moulder. This 10 page comic strip also includes extra information on the key streets and landmarks of Salisbury – great for those refights across the town itself!

You can add these lovely books to your collection here. But be quick – we don’t have very many of either title!

**NOTE: Western Wonders graphic novel is now sold out **