New: Concord Publications

We are very pleased to be able to offer these quite brilliant books by Concord Publications. This series focuses on the soldiers and warriors of specific historic conflicts – most notably WWII.

The in-depth text and illustrations will not fail to inspire modellers, historians, re-enactors and enthusiasts alike. Each volume features several detailed colour plates of fighting men in realistic settings, produced by world class artists as well as a welter of useful black & white photographs.

Some of the titles, such as the Blitzkrieg book shown below contains even more colour plates – 20-22 of them! These are an essential resource for anyone painting a wargames army.

We focus here on the seemingly unstoppable German juggernaut of the Blitzkrieg which tore through the heart of Europe, battled on the sands of Africa, and flooded across the steppes of Russia. Much of the world girdled itself to resist the Blitzkrieg – the Lightning War which was the secret to the initial German successes.

The newly developed combined arms force – Panzer, artillery, infantry and Luftwaffe – coupled with well-planned operations from an effective command and control system, lead to the success of the German Army during the early years of World War II.

If you haven’t seen one of these publications before check out this short video as we flick through the Blitzkrieg book…

As well as the Blitzkrieg (The German Army 1939-41)  book we have the following four titles available which can be located in our webstore by clicking on the button below.

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