New: Chief Judge Cal’s Personal Retinue

Out today is the insane lunatic Chief Judge Cal with his retinue of Judges and the monstrous Klegg mercenaries. As we’ve seen from our own Judge Dredd campaign, this force is deadly!

JD014 Judge Cals Retinue-a

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Once he came to power, Chief Judge Caligula instigated a reign of terror over Mega-City One. Resistance was cruelly put down with the brain-washed judges of the Justice Department and, later, with the alien Kleggs who were promised a feast of the city’s own citizens! When he appeared in public, Caligula had a sizeable armed force behind him. Chief Judge Caligula’s personal retinue is a force that will never lack for enemies and while it may appear very similar to a Justice Department force, you will find it is far nastier!


This boxed set contains two superb exclusive (and just a little bit odd!) miniatures – Judges Glass and Quincy. Sentenced to death by the mad tyrant Cal, they were saved by the quick thinking of SJS Judge Slocombe although they would be humiliated by having to wear non-regulation clothing – Quincy in his underpants and Glass donning a child’s dress and lollipop!

The set is also led by a brand new Chief Judge Caligula miniature…


We’ve also taken the opportunity to modify the Klegg models – they they have separate heads, allowing you to decide which goes on which body for more variety in your force.


We’ll end with a stirring rendition of the Klegg Dance of Death:

 Klegg-Dance Klegg-Hai