New: Bronze Age Levy Troops

More troops for your growing Bronze Age forces, straight from Cutting Edge Miniatures – Levy Javelinmen and Levy Archers.

WG-EMB-01-Levy-Javelinmen-1-a WG-EMB-01-Levy-Javelinmen-1-b

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These un-shielded Javelinmen can be used in both regular City-State, (as levy skirmishers), or early Nomad armies of the Early and Middle Bronze Age. This group are bare-chested and dressed in various styles of knee-length kilts.

WG-EMB-02-Levy-Archers-1-a WG-EMB-02-Levy-Archers-1-b

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These archers are suitable for use in both regular City-State (as levy skirmishers), and irregular Nomadic armies of the Middle Bronze Age.

They are also suitable within armies of the Late Bronze Age, such as those of Mitanni, Syrian & Canaanite city-states, Kassite & Middle Babylonia, Middle Kingdom Assyria, Middle period Elamite and Early Hebrew & Bedouin Nomad.

This group have simple or stave bows, are bare-chested and dressed in knee-length kilts.