New: British Armoured platoon deal

When we released the Armoured Platoon selector we ran a competition to design a 1,000pt Armoured Platoon. Steve Kenniff & Vanth SpiritWalker were the democratic winners and as part of the prize we have made their selections available to buy in our store, the first is Vanth’s.

buy now in store

Bolt Action points values:

1) Cromwell (Command Vehicle) – 220pts

2) Cromwell – 195pts

3) Firefly – 305pts

4) Infantry Section (NCO+9 men, SMG, Bren) – 123pts riding in a…

5) Inexperienced M5 Halftrack – 79pts

6) Light Mortar Team – 35pts riding on a

7) Jeep – 21pts

8 ) Artillery Forward Observer – Free

9) Jeep – 21pts

If Vanth’s armoured platoon doesn’t do it for you why not take advantage of our Wheels of Steel deal and use the discount to build an armoured platoon of your choice? Wheels of Steel works for everyone – simply buy 3 or more Bolt Action vehicles (any vehicles!) and you will receive a 10% discount off of all three! The discount is automatically taken care of in your shopping cart so all you have to do is pick three or more vehicles.