New: Bolt Action Waffen-SS!

Allied soldiers beware – the Waffen-SS are here! Dedicated and unflinching, aggressive and uncompromising, the soldiers of the SS provided the Allies with a tenacious and stubborn opponent.

The new Bolt Action SS range is the first to feature our Figure Head optional head system – now you can give your army ultimate variety and bags of character! Peek out of your foxhole and take a good look at the new miniatures here:

Waffen-SS PAK 40 75mm Anti-Tank Gun 4

Waffen-SS PAK 40 75mm Anti-Tank Gun 1

What’s that sound? Thunder? No, it’s “INCOMING!” The Waffen-SS PAK 40 75mm Anti-Tank Gun is ready to speak with authority on the tabletop. This set contains a metal 75mm PAK 40 with four SS Crewmen and is prepared to turn any enemy emplacements or armour into twisted hunks of metal.

Big Gazza has used our Bolt Action Ruined Building corner terrain piece to good effect in this excellent dioramic base…

Waffen-SS PAK 40 75mm Anti-Tank Gun 2

Waffen-SS PAK 40 75mm Anti-Tank Gun 3

Waffen-SS PAK 40 75mm Antitank Gun

Next up we have the SS MG42 HMG teams! This set contains a three man team with a tripod mounted MG42 and is available now!

Waffen-SS MG42 Team Redeploying 1

Waffen-SS MG-42 Team Redeploying 2

Waffen-SS MG42 Team HMG in Position 1

Waffen-SS MG42 Team HMG in Position 2

You’ll notice that there are two versions of this infamous machine gun and crew – one running and redeploying whilst the other is in position and ready to lay down a hail of fire into the onrushing enemy lines. The pack will contain a random set although you can take advantage of our Reinforcements offer and get exactly the miniatures you want…

Waffen-SS HMG Team

We’ve also got pile of Reinforcements available now for you armies. Don’t forget they feature our innovative Figure Head – Optional Head System allowing a huge variety of modelling opportunities (by swapping the detachable heads) and the chance to make your models truly unique. Here’s a few to look at and the complete list:

Waffen-SS Running with STG-44 Assault Rifle

Waffen-SS Medic

SS Officer in Long Coat with MP40

SS Cocking Bolt on KAR 98K Rifle

SS Firing STG44 Assault Rifle

SS Kneeling and Firing KAR 98k Rifle

SS Medic

SS MG 42 LMG Team

SS MG42 LMG Team Changing Overheated Barrel

SS NCO Firing MP40 From The Hip

SS 81mm Mortar Team

SS NCO Prone with MP40

SS NCO with MP40 Pointing

SS Officer in Camo Smock with Pistol

SS Officer in Long Coat with MP40

SS Radio Operator Team

SS Reloading KAR 98k Rifle

SS Running with KAR 98K Rifle

SS Running with STG44 Assault Rifle

SS With KAR 98K Rifle & Panzerfaust Advancing

SS Cocking Bolt on KAR 98K Rifle and Panzerfaust Advancing

SS With KAR 98K Rifle Throwing Stick Grenade

Finally, don’t forget that we’ve got the new Plastic German Infantry boxed set available for preorder as well!

Plastic Waffen-SS Boxed Set

That’s more Germans than you can shake a STG 44 at! You can find all of these spectacular Bolt Action Miniatures right now in the Warlord webstore.