New: Bolt Action Waffen-SS artillery!

This week sees more support for the soldiers of the SS – in the form of the terrifying Nebelwerfer rocket launcher and the ever-popular 81mm mortar. As with the rest of the Waffen-SS these miniatures use the Figure Head (TM) System of separate heads for greater variety and poseability!



This SS Nebelwerfer team are shown readying their weapon; one paying out more cable, one fetching up new rockets and the third eager to press the fire trigger, fire each barrel and then move out to a new fire position before the fiery trails betray their position.

This set contains a metal Nebelwerfer with three SS Crewmen. Head here to get yours today!

81mm Mortar

An SS mortar crew consists of three members, the gunner controls the deflection and elevation of the weapon, the assistant gunner loads the round at the command of the gunner and the ammunition man prepares and hands over ammunition to the assistant gunner.

This set contains three metal SS gun crew and an 81mm Mortar. Click here to order yours from the webstore!

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