New: Bolt Action US Airborne Jeeps!

Giving your American Paratroopers much needed mobility are these US Airborne Jeeps. Covered in stowage and supplies these can ferry the troops to the action or tow the Paratroopers support weapons to where they are most needed…

Airborne Jeep

Each Jeep comes with three crew – each with separate heads as you’ve come to expect from our Figure Head System. The two passengers can be placed in a variety of positions making your Jeep unit look different in each case.  As you can see you also receive a handful of boxes and crates to reflect the way these vehicles were used to carry much needed supplies along with the troops.

Airborne Jeep

As you can see from the pictures here there are two different Jeep bodies which enhances the feel of vehicles loaded up for the front – one even hasd a wirecutter to stop the dastardly Hun decapitating your brave paras with wire strung across the road!

Pick up an Airborne Jeep for your weary footsloggers here in the webstore.

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