New: Bolt Action Red Army!

This week sees the start of our focus on the forces of the Soviets. Starting with this splendid boxed set we have loads more in store for you over the next few weeks. Have a peek here…

Red Army Boxed Set

Box art

The ferocious battles on the Eastern Front were the largest military confrontations the world has known. Facing and defeating the vast majority of Germany’s armed forces, the Soviet army was arguably the most decisive force in World War II. On the vast rolling plains, in the brutal winter and in hellish urban settings, the Red Army was an unstoppable tide of men and machinery – one of the largest, most powerful armies in history.

The Soviet soldiers ably supported by T34 tanks and immense artillery batteries, gradually pushed back the German invaders who very nearly took their capital city, Moscow. With the tide of battle turned Germany would be fighting a rearguard action back to Berlin and defeat…

Red Army Command

Red Army box contains:

Command group: 2 Officers, Sergeant with PPsh SMG, Red Flag bearer and Sniper
9-man squad A: 2 Sergeants with PPsh SMG, 2-man DP-28 LMG team and 5 riflemen
9-man squad B: 2 Sergeants with PPsh SMG, 2-man DP-28 LMG team and 5 riflemen

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Soviet 82mm Mortar Team

82mm Mortar



Like most countries in WW2 the Russians fielded masses of mortars and artillery, the “Gods of War” as Stalin put it. The most common was the 82mm mortar, used throughout the war. It equipped all manner of Soviet formations, its great rate of fire and simplicity being of great use in repelling the horde.

Mortar includes and is served by 3 crewmen.

Add a Mortar Team to your force today!

Maxim HMG Team


Maxim HMG

This model consists of three Soviet gunners and and wheeled maxim HMG. Crouched on his knees the gunner fires the maxim, while he is aided by an ammo man, feeding in bullet belts. Their NCO points out targets and urges them on.

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Zis-3 Gun




Classic Soviet artillery piece, the 76mm ZIS3 divisional gun, commander and two crew figures. This gun was made in the thousands and can be used in artillery support or anti-tank roles.

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120mm Mortar

120mm mortar

120mm mortar

This is the much feared and powerful 120mm heavy mortar. Employed by the Soviets in great numbers they had a good range and great hitting power, so much so that the Germans used captured mortars in quantity and replicated the design.

Mortar includes and is served by 3 crewmen.

Upgrade your firepower to 120mm of destruction!