New: Army Painter Mega Paint Set and more!

New supplies from Army Painter including the huge Mega Paint Set, packed with all the paints, inks and brushes you could ever need!

Mega Paint Set

The complete package – with all you will ever need for painting armies of miniatures.

It contains 42 top-quality Warpaints, including the 7  Quickshade inks and 1  Anti-Shine Matt Varnish. That is not all – you will also get the 3 most popular wargaming brushes from The Army Painter’s sable brush range with the trademark triangular handles. Furthermore, a 12 page “How to use Warpaints” guide in full colours is also included. The Mega Paint set is a massive saving – arguable the best paint deal in the business!

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Warpaint Quickshade Ink Set

Warpaint Quickshade Inks epitomise the highest quality available in the wargames industry. These high performing, yet easy to use inks will add perfect shading and colour tone to any miniature!

The complete Quickshade Ink range in one box. The colour toned inks are fabulous tools for adding colour and shading in one wash – and the original Quickshade Ink tones: SOFT, STRONG & DARK are easy to use and essential in adding depth to any miniature. A massive saving on the individual prices – buy them all in one go!

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Gun Metal Spray

The Gun Metal spray is the latest installment in the successful line of Colour Primers from The Army Painter. The Gun Metal is a rich and dark metal and is nothing but the perfect basecoat for Knights and dark Sci-Fi & Fantasy. Especially vehicles will benefit tremendously from this spray – and a worn and battle scarred look is easily achieved by applying Warpaints colours onto the matt surface. We recommend Quickshade: DARK Tone or the Warpaints: Dark tone ink for the perfect shading.

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