New: Anglo-Zulu War paint sets!

With everything being Zulutastic at the moment many of you will be starting new Anglo-Zulu War armies (and why not!) so here are a couple of paint sets to help you along the way!

Paint Sets

Anglo-Zulu War British Paint Offer

  • Flat Red (Vallejo 957): Tunics, trouser pinstripe
  • Dark Prussian Blue (Vallejo 899): Trousers
  • Black (Vallejo 950): Boots, gaiters and pouches
  • White (Vallejo 951): Webbing, rifle straps, pouches and insignia trim
  • Pale Sand (Vallejo 837): Sun helmet,
  • Flat Brown (Vallejo 984): Rifle stock, bayonet scabbard and canteen

Paint Sets

Zulus Paint Offer

  • Scorched Brown (Citadel): Skin
  • White (Vallejo 951): Shields and cow tails
  • Flat Brown (Vallejo 984): Spear & Assegai shafts, muskets
  • German Camo Beige (Vallejo 821): Cow Tails
  • German Camo Orange Ochre (Vallejo 824): Animal skins
  • Black (Vallejo 950): Hair, shields and cow tails

Plenty of great Army Painter products to help get those Zulus rolling onto your tabletop double quick!

Strong Tone

You can pick up a can of Strong Tone here in the webstore – ideal for getting your British ready and awaiting the oncoming Zulus…

Dark Tone

You can pick up a can of Dark Tone here in the webstore. Dark Tone is the most appropriate Quickshade for use on the darker Zulu skintone.

Pure Red

If you’re looking for the perfect undercoat-cum-basecoat for your British Line Infantry look no further than the Pure Red Colour Primer spray from Army Painter – one coat acts as basecoat and undercoat which will save you time and money! You can pick up a can of Pure Red here in the webstore.

Plastic Glue

With all this plastic flying out of the Warlord warehouse we’d be remiss not to have plenty of plastic glue on hand.  You can pick up a bottle or two of Plastic Glue here in the webstore.


You can pick up paintbrushes here in the webstore – loads of variety and great quality too!


You can pick up a can of Matt Varnish spray here in the webstore – gives your models durability and dulls down the shiny finish from Quickshade.