More Facebook previews

If you still haven’t ‘liked’ our Facebook page these work in progress shots we showed off a few weeks ago may have passed you by.

These two vehicles are due for release over the next few weeks so not long to wait! If you want to see work-in-progress photos as they happen you’ll want to check out our Facebook page

We showed this off a while back but it’s pretty much finished now – our completely new Panzer II Ausf A, B, or C. Used in large numbers during the Third Reich’s Blitzkrieg years as well as in North Africa, it’ll be a welcome re-addition to our vast Bolt Action range of 1:56 scale vehicles.

This is a replacement model for the existing Panzer II which has been causing us casting issues. The new model will have a choice of turrets – either the early, flat commander’s hatches or the raised cupola you see in the pic above.

We showed you the work-in-progress on our forthcoming Italian M13/40 tank a little while back – nearly finished!

The M13/40 was one of the most numerous medium tanks used by the Italian armed forces. This rivet-laden vehicle will quickly be converted in to an M14/41 and Semovente to giving our growing Italian range more support…