Model Of The Week: Pike & Shotte Officer With Partizan

Being a bigwig in the Sealed Knot re-enactment society, Warlord’s Head Honcho, John Stallard, unsurprisingly tends to focus his attentions on our large range of figures from this period. John volunteered to highlight his model of the week – over to you, John…

John: My model of the week is the Pike & Shotte Officer with partizan.

Not a surprising choice – it is a beautiful figure from one of our most popular ranges. However, we were contacted a few months ago by a talented young sculptor wanting to sculpt for us at Warlord Games. Although he sent us photos of his work and they showed potential we wanted to see his handiwork firsthand. So, we sent him a brief for a test piece and waited…

The Brief was to reproduce an image of a Thirty years War officer as depicted in the remarkable ‘bible’ on all things Thirty Years War by Eduard Wagner: European Weapons & Warfare 1618-1648

Pike & Shotte Officer Art

The illustration (shown above) shows a natural pose – a very understated dynamic but chock full of character. We wanted that exact man as our model!

We didn’t have to wait long before our sculptor friend (who we shall, for now, refer to only as Mr F) sent us said test figure. Suffice to say it knocked our socks off!

Pike & Shotte Officer

This fellow is available in our Pike and Shotte range – as part of a command pack along with a spiffing ensign, gruff sergeant and dapper drummer – and will grace any regiment of the period, a distinguished Officer in dress befitting a gentleman. Lovely!

After this model he went on to sculpt most of the metal miniatures in our Pike & Shotte range and it wasn’t long before he joined Warlord in Nottingham full time. The moral of this particular story is to be careful what you wish for!

You’ll be seeing more of Mr F’s work as well as finding out a bit more about him in the not-too-distant future…