Model Of The Week: Pike & Shotte Marksman

Here at Warlord HQ John and Paul have been taking stock of what we’ve achieved at Warlord over the past three years. Whilst we may well be better known for our plastics and Army Painter we also have some superb metal and resin miniatures which many of you drool over.

We thought it would be a bit of fun to ask each of us which our favourite model in the range was and to show it off again. We’re kicking things off with Paul’s favourite – the Pike & Shotte Marksman.


This is beautifully sculpted model, understated in it’s posing yet chock full of character – you can almost smell his concentration as he picks off another of the enemy from afar.


It’s a clever, subtle model with great detail work and backed up by a story that unfolds in your mind’s eye as you look at him. Posed in a ‘modern’ sniper’s position with his perspective glass by his leg and with the genius addition of the hunter’s sword being used to steady the aim of this superlative sharpshooter.


Why not drop by the Warlord forums and let us know which Warlord Games model is your favourite and why – we may even feature that in a future ‘model of the week’…

Next week John will be telling us why he has a soft spot for a hard Roman…