Model Of The Week: Big Gareth

This week it’s the term of Warlord’s Big Gareth who has chosen as his famous model, er, Big Gareth…

Big Gareth

With Little Steve last week picking the dynamic German Flame Thrower the gauntlet was thrown at my feet for this week’s Model of the Week. Throughout my gaming and model collecting years, it has never been the General or leader of the army that has caught my eye, but rather the rank file troops that make up the lines of battle. So with gauntlet firmly tucked under arm I spent the night looking through the rank and file troops that we have brought out over the last few years.

It was an obvious choice really when I came to think about it.  It made me smile when Paul and John asked me to add the Clubmen models to the web store, and Big Gareth was the name of the one of the Clubmen.

There are loads of details on this model that takes it from just a rank file that brings more life to the ranks, the receding hair line, the well fed portly figure and the trousers that are just being held up by the straining belt (and the unsightly builders’ cleavage). With the empty hand this gives a variety of weapon options from the long and short weapons pack. For me my personal favourite has to be the cleaver.

Band of Clubmen

All the models in the Clubmen Militia pack are great for fielding as a unit of their own as well as providing replacement crew for cannon, baggage trains, etc.