Lone Star Historical Miniatures Texas: Thank you!

Lone Star Historical Miniatures have sent us a thank you. Recently we, more specifically our USA team,  supported their summer camp with some of our games and products and LSHM have dropped us a line to say they were well received!

by Blake Radetzky

The Gates of Antares class!

Blake had a great summer school program again this year, and the Warlord products and games were well received and a great help to the kids… Wish we had camps like this back in the day 🙂

The Ancient Warfare team using the Hail Caesar rules!

There were other classes but pictures were forgotten when the camera was left at home. These included a pike and Shotte class called Victory without quarter, a kid favourite called Cheese Wars (think the war of Religion in the 1600’s Europe but using Rats with Muskets as the two forces). A wild West class using the Gutshot rules from Hawgleg Publishing.

The class of Bolt Action 2017!

The following companies have supported these classes and a big Thank You goes out to them:

  • Warlord Games & Jon Russell (Russell’s Raiders)
  • Wargames Research Group
  • Studio Tomahawk
  • Pendraken USA
  • Mantic Games and Shawn Grubaugh
  • Kraken Skulls
  • Gripping Beast
  • Ares Games

We’re already looking forward to next years events!


Keep your eye’s peeled on the Warlord Games facebook page for more news scoops and more! Check out the Events page to see what’s coming up!

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