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Konflikt ’47 is Six Months Old!

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As Konflikt ’47 has been on the streets for 6 months now, it seems appropriate to provide a few words on how the game is doing, what we have learnt and where it’s heading over the next 18 months or so.
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Since its launch in August, Konflikt ’47 has been something of a success. We knew we had an attractive and interesting product, and some amazing miniatures in the pipeline, but both Warlord Games and Clockwork Goblin could not have anticipated the fantastic reception the game received. Hasty re-orders of starter sets, and round the clock resin casting just about kept up with demand, all to the delight of those of us that have spent the last few years bringing the game to life.

So, with a Facebook following approaching 3,500 people and thousands of starter sets flying of the shelves, how do we build on this fantastic start?

Soviet Mammoth
Firstly we will ensure that there is a steady supply of new miniatures, the current schedule sees every new unit in the core rulebook released by May, with two of the big heavies in time for Salute (April 22nd), I know many people are waiting patiently for the big walkers (Zeus, Thor and Mammoth) to finally make their appearance.

German Zeus Panzermech
Then we can switch focus to the first supplement, which is already written and with Osprey for its layout and artwork makeover. Konflikt ’47: Resurgence will be a supplement for everybody, with new units for each nation and force lists for the Japanese and Finnish. It will also tidy up a few rules and introduce some of the best bits of Bolt Action v2.  Delivering a supplement takes a long time we have discovered, but its release in October will be a great boost to the Konflikt ’47 game and will add even more flavour to our game setting.  Work on the second supplement starts almost immediately, but we’ll keep the plans for that under wraps for the time being.

British Automatons
The new units introduced in Resurgence are already being designed and produced, three of the Japanese units are already with Warlord.  We plan to use the summer leading up to October’s release of Resurgence to introduce a few new models and refine some of the existing range. Who knows, we might even be able to talk Warlord into some sneaky preview releases of the new models……

German Totenkorps
So overall, players of Konflikt ’47 have lots to look forward to. The success of the game’s launch has allowed us to invest heavily in its future and the discussion of 3 or 4 supplements has already taken place between Warlord, Osprey and Clockwork Goblin, so that takes us well into to 2019 and beyond!

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Followers of the Konflikt ’47 Facebook group will have seen various commentaries on the rules, and where they are going or should be going, and we take all feedback seriously. Fundamentally we don’t think the rules are far off where we want them to be, although when the writing style and the tournament environment meet, it can occasionally throw up some confusion.

Much discussion has taken place on whether Konflikt ’47 and Bolt Action should be closer/the same/different, with the player community presenting the full range of views on the matter.  As the designers, we want Konflikt ’47 to grow in its own direction, fully taking advantage of the Bolt Action game engine, but changing that engine as needed to provide a weird war or alternate history game that has its own identity. We know Warlord are absolutely on board with this approach, in order to get the coolest miniatures into our universe, we will need to bend the game engine in certain directions to achieve this.  Hopefully, even if this doesn’t please everyone, the end result will be worth it, and Konflikt ’47 can become an independent fantasy/sci-fi/WW2 themed game that is as fun to play as it has been to create.

US Coyote
Finally, a big THANK YOU to everyone who has invested both their precious time and hard earned money into our Konflikt universe and products. It has been hugely rewarding for all of us at Clockwork Goblin Miniatures (Aitch, Chris and Russ) to see our efforts grow from creating the initial miniatures, and playing some games with some house rules to the release of a proper game and range of miniatures that can bring enjoyment to players across the world.


Keep your eye’s peeled on the Warlord Games Konflikt ’47 facebook page for the most up to date news and more!

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