New: Max Normal plus East Meg and Citi-Def Reinforcements!

Mongoose Publishing bring us 3 new items for your Judge Dredd battles in Mega-City One:

East Meg Reinforcements

After years of meticulous planning, Supreme Judge Bulgarin of East Meg One launched the Apocalypse War against Mega-City One. Through the use of nukes, the Apocalypse Shield and a full scale invasion under Warmarshal Kazan, Mega-City One was subjugated quickly, with half of its 800 million citizens killed. Through the heroic actions of a handful of Judges, Mega-City One was able to finally win the war, destroying East Meg One in the process. However, there are many in East Meg Two who plan revenge against the west…

An East Meg Invasion Force is designed to eradicate all resistance in Mega-City One. With well-equipped and well-trained Judges, not to mention the dreaded Sentenoids, it is very much an ‘elite’ force.


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City Def Reinforcements

The typical view of the Citi-Def soldier is of a man who barely knows one end of a spit gun from the other and, pumped up on action vids on the Tri-D, attempts to live out his fantasies by joining the only military option open to citizens. In many cases this is remarkably accurate and the Citi-Def is a source of constant worry to the Justice Department, for allowing citizens legal access to weaponry surely courts disaster.


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Max Normal with perp at holding post

Max Normal has been, for a while, Judge Dredd’s best informant. In a city teeming with citizens dressed in unusual, eccentric or downright bizarre fashions, Max stands out for dressing conservatively. In contrast to his looks, Max speaks in futuristic ‘streetwise’ slang and has many bizarre habits and affections. This punk on the other hand has not had much luck, having been caught and fixed to a holding post, waiting for the next Pat Wagon to pick him up.

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Justice In Mega-City One

400 million people, and every one of them a potential criminal – welcome to the world of Mega-City One and Judge Dredd – he is the law!


Build a force and take to the streets, playing as the Justice Department or one of their many enemies – the Angel Gang, the Dark Judges, Street Punks, Fatties or even the insane Chief Judge Cal.

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FREE Starter rules

The perfect way to take your first steps onto the mean streets of Mega-City One – a Get You Started eBook and a roster sheet to keep track of progress in campaign games.







Blood On The Streets & FREE main Rules

If you like the Free trial rules then move on to the full rules available as a PDF for FREE here, then add to the complete set with Blood on the Streets!

The Blood On The Streets hardback supplement is jam-packed with lots of new rules, forces, Mercenaries, Talents, Heroes – and a brand new way of playing scenarios in your campaigns!


There are some great new Talent trees with which you can continue to customise the Heroes in your force. Some are serious additions while others are a bit more… fun! This new Futsie tree is a great example, allowing you to make your Hero absolutely mad – many citizens of Mega-City One cannot stand the fast-paced life of the city and with no employment to keep them occupied, some just snap and completely lose it. As you start on this Talent tree, you will find your Hero does not always do what you expect but as you continue to pick up Futsie Talents, he will gradually start to perform (a little) more reliably and gain the benefits of madness to boot!

The real gem of Blood on the Streets are all the new scenarios – 75 of them!

When playing a campaign with the main rulebook, you choose a scenario and then challenge one of the other players to a fight. Not any more!

With Blood on the Streets you challenge any player in the campaign (so you can still have a drop-in/drop-out campaign without requiring every player to be present every night), but you now roll on the Standard Scenario table to decide what kind of battle you will be having. There are 9 different scenarios on this table, covering demolition jobs, turf grabs, and the like.


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