Judge Dredd: Oz Judges FREE Rules Pack!

This week we have a special treat for you Judge Dredd players – we’ve received an additional Rules Pack, containing new Rules, Scenarios, Talent Trees, and backstory for the Oz Judges!

Oz Judge Banner

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Oz Judges are volunteers – male or female, any age over 16 – often dressed in short-sleeved uniforms. Compared to the Judges of Mega-City One, the OzCops seem unbelievably undisciplined, amoral (OzCops are permitted to consume alcohol and have sexual relations) and easy going, but remain a highly efficient and popular section of the community.

OzCops get about the Conurb on Lawmaster Trikes and report to the Grand Hall of Justice and Leisure Dome at Paul Hogan Plaza.

A force of Oz Judges is as well-equipped and capable as any other Justice Department in the world. They are just a bit more relaxed about their duties…

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