Judge Dredd Campaign – Apes & Zombies

Our Warlord office Judge Dredd campaign is raging on, with new gangs appearing and street fights kicking off everywhere. Here are two more starting gangs, ready to hit the streets of Mega-City One.

Andrew Chesney’s Ape Gang


Over a year ago I purchased a whole raft of Judge Dredd figures from the Mongoose team at the Reading show. A few months later my very talented partner Angelika decided she was desperate to paint some figures, stole the Apes and returned them looking very good indeed.

So when we decided to start the campaign at Warlord Games HQ it was an easy choice for me. I decided to not have a stereotypical brutish gang, but had fun with a film Noir style Private Investigator. With a suitably silly quote to get me going I set out to see what was going down on the mean streets of Mega-City One.

Look out for Brian in the dress, his legend is growing already!

Charlie’s Boys

“I was working on a case. It had to be a case, because I couldn’t afford a desk. Then I saw her. This tall blond lady. She must have been tall because I was on the third floor. She rolled her deep blue eyes towards
me. I picked them up and rolled them back. We kissed. She screamed. I took the cigarette from my mouth and kissed her again.”

Charlie Chester P.I. awoke from his daydream with a start. His huge drooling lips stuck firmly to the paperwork in front him. The stacks of case files were building up beyond control, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t stop thinking about his own case. For 3 weeks now he had been following a lead given to him by his best snitch. There was movement down in sector 112, movement that gave him every reason to worry.

He had reason to believe that a new gang had taken control of contraband sales, contraband in the form of 20th Century reading material. It had been what felt like years since he had last had to work down in 112. It was a time he would never forget, a time where he had to investigate his own brother. Surely he couldn’t have returned to his old stomping ground to take up where he had left off? Was he really that stupid?

At that point the phone rang, it was Gloria, the pretty prostitute with orange hair down in Sector 97. It looked like my snitch’s body had been found, at least what remained of it after pieces of him had been taken… 

That was it, it was time to get the gang back together. He knew he had to get down there before the Judges started poking around. He put in a quick call to Sid and Brian telling them to tool up. They needed to be careful they didn’t stand out too much, perhaps Brian could wear that nice red number with the white flowers on it. He stood up and picked a bug from off his hairy arm. “And as for me, I’ll have to get the pin stripe back out, I hope it still fits.”

He walked to the door, lit a cigar and picked up his genuine antique Tommy Gun. This was going to be one hell of a day.


Darren Evan’s Necromancer Gang


I originally started the campaign with a Hondo City gang. Judges Urioko Kenoi and Kikuchiyo Mayashida saw action in two very brief games before they were felled by a massive Demolition Droid, dying a horrible death.

After a little cry in the corner I was determined to carry on their legacy for the rest of the campaign. I set about resurrecting my hero as a Necromancer. I converted and painted the figure, built a hoard of Zombies and started afresh.

From here on in death would be a good friend to me, mwahahahaha…

Sector House 10 – Evidence file 231/9 – Cross ref 236**1

‘Med droid M236-1 activate autopsy recorder.’ 


Audio file picks up booted feet ambulating. ‘Sigh, This is Med-Tek Arkwite, Sector House 10. In the autopsy today (DATE AUTO INSERT) I will be corroborating cause of death of Hondo Judge Urioko Kenoi.
(mumbling under breath: after the poor Drokker was sent to the Reysk by mistake)’ Audio file picks up sound of metal grinding on metal ‘Casket 13698-B is… What the Stomm? M236-1 confirm this casket is the correct one for our Hondo guest’ 

++Confirmed, internment logged 23:15 last night++ 

‘Stomm, Arkwite to Judge Yates, Yates you there, you little Drokker? Just thought you should know our guest is missing! All protocols are intact, just no body… Grud – Hershey’s gonna be…’ 

Metallic noise (supposition: autopsy table being knocked over…)

‘Whu? Hey… Hey.. Wha…? Urioko? Is that you buddy? 

Audio picks up a shuffling sound followed by low moan.

‘Hey, easy now.. I… Oh Grud!

Audio washed out by screaming. 

Audio restored, ambient noise of file and something akin to an animal chewing meat… 

Audio transcript ends.