John Stallard’s dug-in conversions

In Bolt Action units can chose to go to ground as you might with Jerry firing ruddy great shells at you! On the tabletop you can simply leave the dice marker, or , if you don’t get out much and have a few minutes, you could make some simple and cool dug-in unit markers of your own.

I simply took some bren gunners who were meant to be crewing a carrier and glued them to a square base. Then I took a couple of metal models and snipped them off at the waist or used the half body torso from the
British Infantry plastic boxed set and did the same.

Glue them side by side and then build up a parapet from ProCreate or Green Stuff modelling putty around them in a cheery, untidy pattern. Then base the models as you would normally.

I have added a few fun details such as packs left out of the foxholes, and in one of them added some spades and pick axes – evidence of some frantic digging in.