It’s Huge!!! What Is It?!? It’s Gareth.

As Warlord Games grows in popularity we need to keep pace with that success. As a result we’ve had to draft in new recruits to the Secret Warlord Command HQ…

He’s big, he’s French (sort of) and he eats whole roasted boars at one sitting. He hates Romans (oh dear) but is good at dishing out a good hiding.

No, no, not Obelix, you fools!:

© May 2008 - Les Éditions Albert René / Goscinny Uderzo

© May 2008 – Les Éditions Albert René/Goscinny Uderzo

The latest member of Warlord Games is Gareth Richards, also known around these parts as ‘Ogryn’. Gareth has led a many and varied life, but so far we only discovered the following for sure:

1. He was dropped into a cauldron of magic potions when a baby.

2. He is worryingly obsessed with fondling fish.

3. He was born within the sound of Bow bells (cue ridiculous, annoying Dick Van Dyke accent…).

4. He ran the Mail Order phones team at Games Workshop for many years.

5. He has a disturbingly French middle name (ask him if you phone in…).

6. He sports a most peculiar taste in music.

7. Despite being a cockney he’s a (dirty) Leeds United fan.

Warlord have lured him into running their mail order and trade department. This means that as from two weeks ago we are fully equipped to answer your phone calls from 9-5 every working day of the week. If you do call in chances are it’ll be Gareth you speak to so don’t forget to ask about his daft middle name…

Gareth is a mad keen gamer and painter. His wargaming loves are naval combat, moderns (Falklands!) and good old World War II. He and Paul can often be found frothing over 1/600 scale aircraft. He hopes to get out and meet you at shows all around the world and is the ‘go to’ guy for clubs and shows. If you’ve used our mail order business recently you’ll have seen evidence of his sense of humour with his current trick or treat promotion.

So huzzah for Gareth joining the team. Please be gentle with him as he gets his sizable feet under the table and learns the ropes. Not too gentle mind – Ogryns are thick-skinned beasts and often need the lash applying for their own good!

© Games Workshop Limited 2008

© Games Workshop Limited 2008