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Incoming: Algoryn Drop Capsules head down to Xilos

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Hansa Nairoba and Bovan Tuk have brought aid for the beleaguered Concord expeditionary force, and now the full Algoryn martial might is ready to descend on the Ghar. Leading the assault and the Battle for Xilos come the Drop Capsules!


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With a special scenario and rules from page 12 in the ‘Battle for Xilos’ campaign, and the first chapter in the forthcoming online campaign, these capsules will illuminate the skies giving you a tactical advantage unlike any Antares battlefield has yet seen!

With 2 distinct variants you’ll have the ability in the 1st scenario to confuse your enemy as to what is about to land in front of them. Will it be troops or a devastating fusillade of weapons fire?

Your options are:

Algoryn Drop Capsule Assault Pack

Set of 3 capsules including 2 troop drop capsules and 1 weapons support capsule (Complete with all 4 metal weapon options):


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Algoryn Drop Capsule – Single


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Algoryn Support Capsule – Single


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Let Battle Commence!

Battle For Xilos MC

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