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New: III. Jagdgeschwader 54 (JG 54) – FW 190 ‘Dora’ Squadron

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III. Jagdgeschwader 54 (JG 54) “Grünherz” – FW 190 ‘Dora’ Squadron

JG 54 was a Luftwaffe fighter wing that flew most of its missions (after Poland and the Battle of Britain) on the Eastern Front where it claimed more than 9,600 aircraft shot down! Having boasted notable aces such as Walter Nowotny, Otto Kittel, Hans-Ekkehard Bob, Max-Hellmuth Ostermann, Hugo Broch and Hannes Trautloft, III. JG 54 was transferred back to the Western Front to take on the RAF and USAAF.

Under the command of Oberst Josef Priller, Geschwaderkommodore of JG 26 was the first Luftwaffe unit to be supplied with the new FW 190 D-9 “Dora”. The D-9s were used in base defence missions for the Me 262 jets of Kommando Nowotny, and later over North-West Europe.

This set gives you all you need to field the Fw 190 D “Dora” in your games of Blood Red Skies!


  • 1x Squadron Box of 6x metal Fw 190 ‘Dora’
  • 1x metal Fw 190 D ACE
  • Generic Luftwaffe Decals Sheet
  • Aircraft Cards
  • Aircraft Trait cards
  • Pilot skill discs
  • Advantage Flying bases
  • 1x Waterslide Decal Sheet for JG54 (Fw 190D Dora)


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