Ancient Armies – Imperial Romans

Imperial Romans on the attack!

Ancient Armies - Imperial Romans

It was the greatest empire of the ancient world. The Imperial Roman war machine was unrivalled in its organisation, tactics and discipline. With the tough centurions leading from the front it was the world’s first professional army and for hundreds of years the ultimate fighting machine. There was no kingdom or state that could withstand the unforgiving Legions of the Roman Empire…

Warlord brings you the Might of Rome in hard plastic, metal and resin‚ superbly detailed miniatures in dynamic action poses. The Legions can be yours to command and at a great price!

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Getting Started with the Imperial RomansGetting Started

Need to know how a Legion is organised? Wondering about armour styles? The answers lie within…

The all-powerful Roman Empire rightly captures the imagination even today but what do we know about it?

This section contains scenarios, battle reports and gaming ideas – all with a distinctly Roman flavour.

Wondering how to paint segmented armour, apply your shield transfers or basing tips? Help is at hand!

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