Ancient Armies – Celts

Celts on the charge!
A celtic chariot miniature.

Ancient Armies - The Celts

The Celts were a proud warrior people who dominated much of Europe for a thousand years and dared to defy the might of Rome
and her all-conquering armies.

A Celtic army is one of history ºs great spectacles ‚Äì a mass of brightly patterned clothing and tattoos charging headlong at the enemy supported by speeding chariots, fast cavalry and missile troops armed with sling, bow and javelin.

Warlord ºs Celts are superbly detailed, dynamic miniatures aptly reflecting the individual fighting prowess inherent in the Celtic warrior…

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Getting Started with Celts

So, thinking about starting a new Celtic army, eh? Well, young fella, me lad, you ºre in luck ‚Äì we ºve got a few pointers to get you started…

Ancient Armies - The Celts

Who were the Celts and what did they do to go down in history? What do we know about their leaders and great battles? Find out here…

Gaming with Celts

Containing gaming ideas, scenarios and battle reports this section will help you battle with other Celtic tribes or fend off Roman attentions.

Painting and Modeling Celts

Looking for inspirational conversion ideas? Need tips for painting plaid? Great ideas on how to build your miniatures? Here you go…

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