Ancient Armies – Ancient Britons

Ancient Britons on the charge!

Ancient Armies - Ancient Britons

The British tribes had a truly unmistakable character – painted with blue woad warpaint, sporting spiky, lime-washed hair and magnificent moustaches they cut an impressive figure on the field of battle.

Supported by squadrons of expertly handled chariots and deadly slingers, the British Tribesmen and women were a force to be reckoned with as the Legions of Rome found to their cost. Indeed the invasion force was reluctant to even get out off their boats in the face of these blue painted, barbaric foes as they chanted and gesticulated wildly in the face of the invading Roman Legions…

The colourful British tribesmen were warriors unlike anything the Romans had faced before, guided as they were by the dark, mystical Druids from the mist-shrouded isle of Anglesey ‚Äì names of great British leaders such as Boadicea, Caratacus and Prasutagus would be remembered in posterity…

Ancient Britons itching for a fight!
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Getting Started with the Ancient Britons

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Roman Invasion

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Gaming with the Ancient Britons

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Painting and Modeling Ancient Britons

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