Hobby: Recipe for plastic Chindits

Andy Zeck has devised a way to create a new method to produce plastic Chindits!

Andy: The ingredients I used are:

Essential Parts

Optional Parts

The US Marines set is particularly useful for this as there are plenty of arms with torn off or rolled up sleeves and even some of the bodies are suitable when you add British kit.

The German Grenadiers box also has some very useful parts like arms holding a map or some binoculars.

The right arm is the only fiddly conversion for this figure. Upper arm and hand with a machete from the US Paratroopers set combined with rolled up sleeve and wrist from the Grenadiers:

A good plastic glue will melt all the parts together again sturdily and makes sure there are no gaps.

Not being shy with the hobby knife helps to get some unique poses/ figures. Try it!
But mind your fingers 😉

It certainly pays off to have an extensive bits box for projects like this. Warlord’s  Plastic Sprues provide a good opportunity to stock up!

Assembled miniature:

I’ve added a plasticard rifle sling for the carbine.

Primed and with a mate:

Painted up and ready to lead his section through the Burmese jungle:

I’m really enjoying this little project and will order a few more of those metal heads as I have enough plastic parts for another section. A few mules would be great as well…

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Glory to the British Empire!

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