Hobby: Judge Koburn by Carvel Lonsdale

With our ever growing range of Judge Dredd material we noticed one forum dweller who took it upon himself to fill a gap in his own Judge Dredd collection based on our figures. We asked him to take time off from his current obsession with the Great Siege of Malta 1565 explain how and why he had undertaken this unusual conversion.

Carvel: I’ve always been a fan of Judge Dredd since way back when and the release of your figures provided me with an irresistible urge that had to be scratched. Well, as everybody knows, once you scratch an itch it only gets worse! Having painted key characters this startlingly exciting picture by the artist Carlos Ezquerra caught my modelling eye.
A bargain basement matchbox car seemed too good an opportunity to miss…..
With a bit of chopping and green stuff the car started taking shape…
Weathering and detailing followed…

Judge Koburn followed. A spare rider from the lead mountain had his head clipped and shoulder pads re modelled.
The fantastic forum dwellers helped me out with a Afrika Korps peaked hat and Koburn was my uncle!
The big problem was how to create that sense of movement and dust caused by the hover bike.
I was inspired by seeing Bolt Action tanks with foam placed at the rear to show movement.
So I thought something similar but bigger might do the trick…

The foam is builders foam used for filling gaps. It was great fun to use although I think I got a little carried away with the size. But hey, it a comic book world!
It only remained to paint the whole thing up including the vague suggestion of a skull haunting Judge Koburn (suggested by forum dweller cfury)
This conversion sits well with my Judge Dredd bikes
and the infamous angel gang
I love the opportunity to be creative with these figures, you are only really limited by your imagination and access to back issues!