Hail Caesar: History’s Greatest Generals Finale!

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We’re concluding our competition to find History’s Greatest General! Who will be victorious in this nail-biting finale?

With the aid of a certain blue box-piloting time-traveler, we’ve assembled eight of history’s greatest generals (that are made by Warlord Games.) For the results of the last round, check out the previous article in the series!

Alexander vs Caesar

These two giants of the ancient world collided with a resounding bang – thrashing hooves and flashing blades tearing at each other. Both attempted an Attack action on their first clash, with Caeser coming off worse – a well-timed lance thrust piercing his heavy armour.

The second clash unhorsed our illustrious Roman, pitching him into the mud. From his disadvantaged position, Caesar was unable to regain the advantage and was ridden down by the mad Macedonian.

William vs Leonidas

Separated by several centuries, these two titans clashed with a flurry of blows, each one of William’s strikes shrugged off by Leonidas’ shield. This dance continued, both combatants circling, desperately trying to find an opening. A well-timed spear-thrust slew William’s noble steed, further increasing the Spartan’s advantage.

Blessed with uncanny good luck, William’s feint penetrated the Spartan’s seemingly impenetrable defense and laid him low with a single sword-thrust.

The Grand Finale

Another clash of mounted giants – William the Conqueror and Alexander the Great, both in contention for the title of History’s Greatest General. Spurring their mounts into action, they met with a clash of swords and armour, both opening with an Attack action to quickly end the fight. In a repeat of his clash with Leonidas, Duke William was unhorsed by an unlucky lance-thrust, cowering behind his shield while Alexander rained blows down on him.

After an inconclusive round of parrying and feinting, the two giants clashed again, Alexander launching Bucephalus in an all-out charge. His lance punched through William’s mail and killed him outright. Earning his title once again, Alexander the Great is History’s Greatest General.

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