Gates Of Antares: Themed Forces – Number 1

Journey to Planet Orah!

by Wayne Clayton

Wayne takes us through his Concord design decisions…

When I first took the plunge beyond the Gates of Antares I was struck by the endless possibilities. Just choosing a colour scheme to lead me on a path of adventure. There was something about the Concord which reminded me of an old b-movie I once saw many moons ago called ‘Planet of the Vampires’, a 60’s cult classic!

What inspired me most were the unique black and orange uniforms worn by the space adventurers. In truth, tailored French motorcycle leathers. The other thing of note was that although human, they didn’t come from Earth at all but from a planet called Orah! Which seemed to fit in perfectly with the Antares universe. (Their mission in case you’re wondering was to investigate a distress signal coming from an apparently abandoned ancient alien spacecraft, crashed landed on a stormy, lifeless, fog bound planet!)

So, Orah became the homeworld of my new Concord army. The next logical step was to ask myself where was it? How did you get to it? What star did it orbit, and what other worlds were to be found in its solar system? All these questions lead to others about its history, culture and agricultural exports.  Before I knew it I had seven planets revolving about the star Philax VI in the Aross System, accessed via the Salius Gate discovered by Captain Ji Salius from Molkari Prime! Although pre-shard legend tells of a giant hero who forged a great sword from a farm plough, so sharp it cut the very sky and thus the ‘gate’ was formed!

The Plough Sword! Mmm… that’s a good name for a spaceship!

In solving the question of what colour to paint my troops I have created a framework for my Concord. Sci-fi films and book covers of the 60’s & 70’s shape the look and design aesthetic of the tabletop I’m in the process of making. It’s made colour choices much easier, plus it gives me a narrative for each world, helping to focus on what type of buildings, or terrain I might want to construct. The freedom given to the player in Antares to create such worlds is to me one of its great attractions, and I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking so.

These are the forces of Orah!

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