Gates Of Antares: Role Specific Army Lists – part 1

Concord Combined Command Sector 8/SP97 Light Infantry Brigade, the “Skiritai”

Tim Bancroft looks at developing his Gates Of Antares back story for his C3 Concord influenced by the latest campaign book The Chryseis Shard.

Tim: For a while, I’ve been racking my brains for a backstory and what to call my Concord forces. Having played around with a few options, I’ve decided to settle on a mobile force, a sort of ‘light’ or mechanized force (perhaps similar to panzerjaegers or possibly lighter USA Stryker brigades).

My preference is for faster-moving armies, for fluidity rather than brute force, but I am aware that there needs to be a backstop somewhere otherwise…

So, in come my Concord Combined Command Sector 8/SP97 Light Infantry Brigade, the “Skiritai” as they like to be known.
The name comes from very ancient history, a possible reference to an elite unit who may have alternated as light, supporting troops alongside heavier infantry. Their role is similar to other light and mechanised infantry and they are equipped accordingly, primarily with:

  • Drop Troops for rapid theatre deployment and manoeuvrability
  • Strike troops accompanied by C3T7s for protection and support
  • Light support teams (primarily X-launcher or plasma cannon teams)
  • Interceptor teams for rapid zone deployment of support weapons and for mobility
  • Light and Medium support drones

Heavier support weapons are provided by detachments from regular artillery and tank units if such equipment is available or can cope with the area of deployment.

The Skiritai have had their equipment upgraded (hardened) for Shamasai use and now tend to stick with Shamasai colours on their armour (deep red on sand).

In the next part, I’ll look at the actual army list development and my thinking behind the type of tactics I want to employ…

You can read the original post from Tims Blog The Vardos Delhren A Resource for ‘Beyond the Gates of Antares’ here.

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