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More inspirational brushwork from Tom Weiss. This time it’s the turn of the Partisans to step out of the shadows!

Partisans Storm a Warehouse in Search of Supplies.

Partizans Take to the Streets.

These miniatures are perfect for representing the forces of the French Maquis, Russian Partisan Brigades, members of the Polish Resistance, German Volksturm and other freedom fighters. If your scenario requires townsfolk taking up arms, then these are ideal.

Partisans Looking for Trouble...

Partizan with Sten Gun

Partizan with Thompson SMG

Partizan Advancing with German Rifle

Whether you choose to spell it Partizan or Partisan, we think you can clearly observe that Tom has outdone himself with these models! From the smooth skin tones, to the realistic shades on the clothing, to the small touches like cigars and moustaches, each of these miniatures looks to have its own hard-bitten story to tell.

Partizan with Rifle and Molotov Cocktail

Partizan with Rifle and Stick Grenade

Partizan with DP-28 LMG

Partizan with MG-42 LMG

Partizan with Ammo Belt and Sten Gun

Partizan with Bren Gun

Freedom or death! You can get your own Partisans in the Warlord webstore!