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Gallery: Pike & Shotte Leaders

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You can tell the winter holidays must be close as the paintbrushes are flying as workers are released from their daily toil to fritter their time away painting miniatures. Fresh from the paintbrushes of Darren Linington and our own Paul Sawyer, we’ve a few eye-catching models from our Pike & Shotte range to feast your eyes on:

As you can see from the pictures, Darren is more than a fair hand with a paintbrush. His Pike & Shotte Command Group looks eminently prepared to lead his army to glorious victory on the tabletop.

Never one to not get into the act, our very own Paul Sawyer has applied the fine point brushes to the metal with his excellent rendition of Robert Devereux – The Earl of Essex. We knew Paul had it in him but suspected that “it” was merely a bacon butty. Who knew?

Both of these excellently painted models are available right now in their unpainted form in the Warlord webstore.