Gallery of Awesomeness – Bolt Action

Warlorder JoshB has been on a mission to find some of the awesome miniatures that have recently been seen on the Warlord Forum, Bolt Action and Bolt Action International Facebook pages.

Bartosz Smogur - BAI

This mighty KV-2 came from Bartosz Smogur from the Bolt Action International Facebook page, that weathering is amazing!

Indigostickman - Forum

Sharp example of Camo! By IndigoStickman from the Forum.

John Manon - BAI

John Manon painted some excellent Germans. Found on the Bolt Action International Facebook page.

Krautwerk - BAI

This action packed battle shot came from Krautwerk on the Bolt Action International Facebook page.

Mark Soon - BA

Marks clean & crisp MG teams on the Bolt Action Facebook page.

Mike Adler - BA

I just love the base that Mike Adler made! Found on the Bolt Action Facebook page.

mminghella71 - Forum

Mminghella71 has an amazing looking army! Found on the Forum.

Pasha VanWolfen - BAI

Pasha VanWolfen uploaded another astonishing tank onto the Bolt Action International Facebook page.

Piotr Mikians - BA

Piotr Mikians raised the standard of the average trooper! Found on Bolt Action Facebook page.

PolishPrince - Forum

PolishPrince painted an army to suit his own loyalty! Found on the Forum.

Sirius - Forum

Sirius painted some real crisp Shermans. Fount on the Forum.

SoC - Forum

SoC made an awe-inspiring diorama! Found on the Forum.

Tyler Wallace - BAI

Tyler Wallace made a half-track that looks like it went through wintry hell and back! Found on the Bolt Action International Facebook page.

Upper Palatinate - Forum

Upper palatinate converted his Sherman for some close up fighting! Found on the Forum.

You guys certainly don’t make it easy to choose! Way too many great models out there! But I’ll have to give it to the British diorama by SoC! – which would choose? Josh B

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