Gallery: German Bolt Action Vehicles

Neil at Troop of Shewe has been a busy man! He’s managed to churn out some superbly painted examples of our Schwimmwagen and Kubelwagen for this update as well.

German Scwimmwagen

German Schwimmwagen Front

German Schwimmwagen Side

Schwimmwagen Back

As you can see our Schwimmwagen is ready to get wet on whatever battlefield you wish to deploy it to. Of course, no WW2 German army is complete without at least a few Kubelwagens amidst the big cat Panzers. Our Kubelwagen comes with options for raised or folded down canopy, has an optional MG42 and includes a driver with two separate heads – covered helmet or field cap

German Kubelwagen

German Kubelwagen Side

German Kubelwagen Rear

Both the Schwimmwagen and the Kubelwagen are available right now in the Warlord webstore.