Gallery: Community Test Of Honour

With the box sets available and the main Test Of Honour set due to arrive here imminently the Facebook group has been abuzz with activity from road trips to Japan, painting of armies and plenty of battles!


Warlorder Rich C kicks us off with the beginnings of his Miyoshi Clan: Including bow strings…


James Wright: Star Wars inspired Bow ashugari and a Imperial officer style archery sergeant, makes 28 points total so far for the First Oda Clan.
James Wright ToH 1

Robb Shaw: Samurai in the flower garden
Robb Shaw ToH

Jamie Howard: Just block painting my first Samurai, better than real work!
Jamie Howard ToH

Kieran Byrne: The beginnings of what I am sure will be a 24 points warband. Can’t wait to play the battle book through.
Kieran Bryne ToH


Robert Harris: Cool layout for a Samurai showdown!Robert Harris ToH


Sven Beissmann: We need a tutorial on this great terrain!Sven Beissmann ToH

Alan Sowle: Fighting for one’s honour…!!! I will need to find some small shrine to add to the centre, deep in the bamboo forest… things are coming along well.
Alan Sowle ToH

Rich Jones: Jez wanted photos or it didn’t happen. Here is proof – demo/learning games at Enfield Gamers:


Glen Verburgt: Terrain under construction for demo games of Test of Honour at Briscon 2017.

It’s a mix of Scratch built & some Sarissa Precision Ltd. Laser Cut kits. What do you think:
Brisbane Independent Gamers facebook page
My Blog –


Henry Whitcher: getting down to detail – including flower print on the Pauper Soldiers’ clothing!

Henry Whitcher ToH

Carl Packham: We want to fight amongst this terrain please… love the Zen garden!

Carl Packham ToH


Robin Everett-McGuirl: Had a fun 12 point learning game the other night. My samurai spent about a million turns missing everything he did, then went bananas and murdered almost everything on the board!
Robin Everett-McGuirl ToH


David Howard: Some great detail to work with, we want to see more!


Jose Miguel Flores Poonsawat: I was in Japan on holiday until a couple of days ago. I believe it would be selfish of me not to share some painting inspiration… All photos taken at the Samurai Museum in Tokyo.


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