Gallery: Andrés Amián Fernández

We’ve had a lot of new releases painting by the rather-too-talented-for-his-own-good Andrés Amián Fernández. Andrés has also turned his hand to freshening up existing models in our range with his lovely brushwork. Each of these Bolt Action entries includes a link to the webstore as well. So if you like what you see, grab it!

Take an envious look at this first batch – there’s more to come!


German Army Specialists pack

First up is the new Bolt Action German army specialists pack. Containing a two man Panzerschreck team running hell for leather to get to cover or perhaps to get onto the weaker flank of the Allied armour this a very dynamic pairing. Also included in the pack is a soldat blazing away with his Flammenwerfer 41 flamethrower. The Panzerschreck team makes the most of the Warlord Figure Head (TM) system of separate heads allowing you to build the models with which ever head variant you desire. We love the brushwork Andrés has used on the faces as well as the flames!



German Army 81mm mortar team

The mortar was was a terrifying weapon to face for all armies during the war. Capable of widespread damage and, perhaps more importantly, the psychological strain placed on recipients of a mortar attack, the mortar was a staple for all armies and in particular those on the defensive. Our 81mm German Army mortar team is seen laying down murderous fire on the allied attacks. As you can see from the images here the pack utilises the Warlord Figure Head ™ system of separate heads giving you bags of variety and posing options.

Mortar Team

Mortar TeamMortar Team

German Army 75mm Pak 40 anti-tank gun

Giving your army a healthy amount of anti-armour capability, the Pak 40’s 75mm gun is easily capable of dealing with anything the Allies can throw at the soldiers of the Fatherland. Andrés’ simple yet very effective base sets the scene for this gun in action. Again two of the crew have the Figure Head system.

German Army MG42 HMG team

Nicknamed ‘Hitler’s Buzzsaw’, amongst other things, due to its tell-tale sound when firing 1,500 rounds per minute, the MG42 was a much-feared weapon in the Third Reich’s arsenal. The MG42 was a nasty weapon in it’s own right but when attached to a tripod they became lethal. Our MG42 HMG team is depicted deployed on a folded down tripod to conceal itself better from enemy sight. The Figure Head system gives you plenty of options for headgear and posing. You can also use the spotter as an artillery Forward Observation officer…

HMG Team

HMG TeamHMG Team

German Propagandakompanie cameraman

The Germans were masters of Propaganda and the sight of a camera-wielding soldier from one of the Propagandakompanies would not be a rare one. Capturing the glories of the Third Reich’s armed forces for the nationalistic public back home as well as bolstering morale for the troops on the front line, the cameramen performed a valuable role. Andrés has captured the feel of a lensman saving history onto celluloid perfectly and he’d make a great little diorama or part of a command squad…


Hans Hoch, surrendering German soldier

Having done his bit in defence of the Fatherland, Hans has conceded that it is time to struggle no longer. Surrendering himself into the care of the Allied forces his war is most definitely over…


British tank commanders

We can’t let the forces of the Third Reich have it all their own way can we? We asked Andrés to turn his attention to the four British tank commander sculpts we have in our Bolt Action range. Ideal for sitting in the top of your British or Canadian tanks, armoured cars, etc these are a veritable picture of calm stoicism and the traditional British stiff upper lip…

British Vehicle Commanders

As mentioned at the head of this article we have bags more of Andrés’ work to show off – keep your eyes on the newsletter for the first views…