Frequently Asked Questions: Black Seas

Wow, we’ve had such a great response from everyone at Salute and online so we’ve asked Author Gabrio to put together this FAQ to answer some of the burning questions about Black Seas…

FAQ: Black Seas

Black Seas FAQ

What scale is it?

The game has been designed to work at its best in a scale between 1:600 and 1:800. Which means that we will probably go with 1:700. It is at this scale that we can obtain a significant amount of detail on the models whilst still retaining the capability of deploying big fleets. It also allowed us to focus the starter set on frigate and brig action (in plastic too!).

Who’s writing it?

Gabrio Tolentino. Originally heavily involved in the Games Workshop Ancient Battles rules set “Trafalgar” he was one of the co-authors to John Stallard in Cruel Seas together with Richard Carlisle. With more than 25 years experience within the miniatures market and a passion for the age of sail, he has devised a fast and simple system with enough flavour and themed rules thrown in to make it a fantastic rules system.

Does it share the same system as Cruel Seas?

There are a few key mechanics that are quite similar if not downright the same, the main ones being the wakes system of tracking the speed and elements of the movement in general; the “to hit” system; the criticals and how to track damage. However there are quite a few significant differences and some refinements: like a new order of play mechanics, the introduction of the wind and its significant but streamlined effect on movement, how to deal damage and lots of period-specific additions, with even a very (Very) small sprinkle of silliness (only if agreed by all players), with the introduction of some mythical creatures of the sea, that merely have a “nuisance” but entertaining effect on gameplay should you so wish.

Will the miniatures be plastic?

Yes. Although the range is still being finalised now, the current plan is to have plastic Frigates, Brigs and 3rd rates, with customisation options on the frame.

What is the release date?

The current planned, but as yet unconfirmed, release date is Autumn 2019, more specifically around October, November-time.

Will there be a new range of miniatures to accompany this?

Absolutely! From 1st rate Ships to gunboats we will eventually cover all basis. We are also planning to make some interesting terrain features.

Will it link into Black Powder?

Yes, in the same way Cruel Seas links to Bolt Action, as in it is the perfect link for campaign games in which the outcome of the sea battles provides advantages or similar to a Black Powder game.