Focus: Warlord Games Volleyfire & Firepower Lights!

Bringing your games to life are these amazing Volleyfire and Firepower lights. Simulating musket fire, flames and machine gun fire they’ll change the way your battle looks.

Have a look at this short video to find out more and see both the different lights in action.

As you can see they work as a simple and elegant addition to your gaming table either Volleyfire Lights representing rows of muskets firing or single Firepower Lights depicting burning vehicles, both add a new dimension to your games.

Volleyfire Lights

The Volleyfire lights are used to show volley fire from serried ranks of troops or to simulate machine gun nest fire. When a unit shoots, the markers are placed down on a base and swathed in swirling grey smoke. As you can see from the photographs they look absolutely superb and add a great deal of drama to the battlefield.


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Volleyfire Lights are provided as a strip with lights, battery and mode button easily accessible. This gives you plenty of scope for modelling them up to match your army basing style or your terrain collection.

Depending on the conflict you’re using the lights for you can also add in gun smoke by placing pieces of cotton wool or hamster bedding  over the lights (as seen in the video).

Preparing them for use on the tabletop is very easy indeed all that was done is gluing the Firepower Light strip to a base of plasticard, place a piece or tape or blu-tak over each light, add any ground cover (sand and gravel in this case) and give the whole assembly a blast of undercoat (or Army Painter Primer spray in the colour of your choice).

When the base coat is dry, remove the tape from the lights, give it all a quick dry brush and gluing on a little static grass or other foliage and you are ready to go!

When you have several of these strips on the table you can almost hear the crack of musket fire!

Firepower Lights

The Firepower lights are used to show blazing fires on the battlefield, from camp fires to burning vehicles. They look absolutely superb showing a burning tank adding a great deal of drama to the battlefield.

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As you can see from the image below they are small enough to sneak into most vehicles so a great bit of gaming fun and you get plenty as they come in a set of 5.
They are activated by twisting the top clockwise until it starts flickering – simple! The batteries are similar to watch batteries, and will last a long time, longer if you remember to turn them off when the game finishes. We especially like to use them with Warlord’s Tank Damage Markers when we are playing Bolt Action Tank War!

Tank Damage Marker

With enough fire or black smoke to make up six markers these Tank Damage Markers really add to a game of Bolt Action where vehicles are involved especially if you add a Firepower Light to each one too.

We have made them available after using them in our games Bolt Action using the Tank War supplement as they really add to the atmosphere and drama of a game!

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You’re games will never be the same again…