Focus: Bandits and Brigands

Kojirō leads a gang of bandits and brigands with a reputation for robbing travellers in sudden, vicious attacks. His lack of mercy has earned him the nickname ‘Oni’ – the Demon.

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Bandits and Brigands are the first completely new set of models for Test of Honour – 7 exquisite sculpts by Giorgio Bassani (based on character designs by Jake Roddis), presented with 18 unique cards to use them as a new faction in the game!


Kojirō’s has the ability to take Coin cards from samurai he cuts down, and make use of those cards for the rest of the battle. Combine that with other skill cards like Rotten to the Core, Ambush and Mob Tactics, and you have a dangerous bunch of thieves!

You can also grab a blister pack of 3 Bandits if you want to create a bigger force.

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Rules Expansion Booklet

Also in the box is a rules expansion booklet Darkness & Deceit, which is packed with exciting new material for the game.

Expanded Terrain Rules

Get more out of your battlefield with rules for climbing, leaping (and falling!), entering buildings and fighting from defended positions. We know lots of you have made some stunning Japanese terrain and this gives you the chance to make full use of it!

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New Scenario Rules

We’ve added rules for night-time battles – keep your enemies at a distance and they’ll have a hard time spotting you through the darkness unless you’ve strayed too close to a lantern!

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There are also rules for unaware enemies, for battles in which one side is launching a surprise attack and the other is initially clueless about the danger. This allows you to sneak around, trying to take down outlying foes without alerting the others… But if an unaware warrior spots a dead body or overhears the commotion of an attack, they’ll soon become suspicious and realise what’s happening!

New Scenarios

There are three new scenarios – Sudden Attack, Ambush in the Dark and Undercover Raid – which utilise the new Darkness and Unaware rules. These battles are perfect to try out the less honourable behaviour of the warriors in this set.

Usable by All Factions

All the rules and scenarios in the booklet can be used by any force, not just the Bandits…


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